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Mad for Marble

How to incorporate the modern marble trend in your home

Over the last few years we’ve noticed the steady return of marble interiors. However, its comeback has ditched its decadent and luxury reputation and taken on a new personality. Stylists and designers have worked hard to transform the trend and give it a new contemporary and chic image. Meet the modern marble trend…

Black & White

Marble has sophisticated characteristics which are only enhanced more in a black shade. The contrast of white lines on a black background stand out and show off all the intricate details of the pattern. This kitchen and dining room area have featured our Black and White Marble Mural on just one wall and we are loving this look. The gold fleck in the mural complements the table, chair legs and the ceiling light perfectly.

Shop: Black and White Marble Mural, Walls4U (from £22 per square metre)


Soft pastel shades have moved from nursery settings to grown-up spaces in recent years. We now recognise pastel interiors for having a contemporary and boho chic style. The key to pulling off the pastel look is to perfect the balance of colour and minimalism. This bedroom has used our Turquoise & Gold Mermaid Marble Mural to enhance the pastel theme in this interior. The combination of light blues with baby pinks is a heavenly combination that gives the bedroom a magical mermaid vibe.

Shop: Turqoise and Gold Mermaid Marble Mural, Walls4U (from £22 per square metre)


If you are a fan of illusions then liquid marble could be the style for you. The detail of some marble designs can create the illusion that an image is 3D and can add extra depth to any interior. This bedroom has featured our Red Liquid Marble Mural as an accent wall and it looks stunning. The deep hue of this design is balanced perfectly in this room by the light pink and white furnishings it’s been teamed up with.

Shop: Red Liquid Marble Mural, Walls4U (from £22 per square metre)


Looking to make a smaller statement? Then a set of poster prints could be the best option for you. This pair of Pink & White Marble Poster Prints have added a splash of colour to this minimalistic bedroom. Posters are a great wall décor option for anyone, but particularly for those who are renting as they can be removed easily.

Shop: Pink and White Marble Poster Prints, Walls4U (prices starting from £10)


Combine two of the biggest trends this year – metallic and marble. This Blue Metallic Marble Mural manages to look impressive and stylish without appearing overdramatic. The white border and flooring brightens up the space and maintains a contemporary vibe. This is a great mural to use for a feature wall rather than an entire room due to the rich tones of this design. The Rising Sun Gold Metal Wall Art Mirror adds to this interior by bringing out the metallic fleck in the mural.

Shop: Blue Metallic Marble Mural, Walls4U (from £22 per square metre) & Rising Sun Gold Metal Wall Art Mirror, Walls4U (£75)


Last but not least, the traditional marble effect we all know and love that seems to never go out of style! This Traditional Marble Mural adds some texture and detail to this living room. The contrast of the bright furnishings with the white and grey marble is a classy combination and a good colour pairing for any modern interior.

Shop: Traditional Marble Mural, Walls4U (from £22 per square metre)